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Our Latest FAQS

  • New to Golden Pride?

  • I’m a new band parent! What’s the best way to receive current information?
    Our band website,, and our accompanying band booster site,, are the most current sources of information you can find! Jason Jones, head band director, also encourages parents to sign up for the email newsletters that will be sent out on a regular basis during the school year.
  • I’ve noticed a photographer at many of the band events. Who is that?
    The photographer is either David Beans or his assistant, Tim Cook. David Beans has been responsible for recording the events of Golden Pride for the last 28 years. Tim Cook was a member of the Golden Pride 1983-1986 and has assisted with band photos since that time. On his website you can view some of the photos he has taken of the band, with an option to purchase unlimited digital downloads if desired. For more information, see his website at
  • On the band website, I noticed a link to “Charms”. What is that?
    This is the special accounting program used to post the band calendar, special events, and keep up with each individual child's financial accounts and personal information. As a parent you can access this link with a password and change personal information for their child, see what funds have been credited to your child's account, or what may still be owed from the privacy of your own computer.
  • What does “SUTA” stand for?
    Spirit, Unity, Trust, and Attitude—characteristics that are ideally found in a Golden Pride Band member. As the motto of the band, these words are found on their band t-shirts.
  • Why are there three different bands?
    Students tryout for bands usually at the end of the previous school year, and are placed according to skill level. Concert band is the lower skill level band. Symphonic band is the middle skill level, and the Wind Ensemble is the highest skill level. The Golden Pride also has an audition-only optional jazz band.
  • So are there three different marching bands?
    No...all three bands work together during marching season. When fall marching season is completed, the specific bands will then begin working on their individual and group musical goals for concert competition in the winter and spring.
  • What is the purpose of the “senior/fish (freshman)” relationship?
    One unique way of helping freshmen students navigate the choppy waters of high school band is through the senior-fish program of the Golden Pride. During summer band camp, the seniors meet and pick out one or two freshmen to take under their wings during marching season. Sometimes these relationships extend past the borders of band and into all aspects of high school life, forging friendships that can last for years.
  • What is the Bandsman of the Week?
    This is an honor bestowed each week upon certain students who exemplify the ideals of the Golden Pride band through attitude and service. During the football season their pictures are posted on the website, printed in the football program, and names announced at the game.
  • What is a “spirit gift” anyway?
    A spirit gift is a little token given to band members by parents and/or other individual band members the Friday of Homecoming, or the Friday prior to a special competition. This is just a way to encourage them to do their very best, and to let them know they are loved and appreciated for all their hard work. It can be something as simple as candy or as creative as desired. The designated spirit gift days are posted on the Charms and Booster event calendars.
  • What is “Mr. And Miss Golden Pride?”
    Each year the most outstanding senior boy and senior girl are selected by their band peers to receive the title "Mr. and Miss Golden Pride" This usually takes place the final home football game of the year.
  • What is Feed the Kids?
  • Uniforms

  • What does the marching uniform consist of?
    After being fitted on registration day, each student will have checked out a pair of overall-style black trousers, a gray and black jacket, and a marching helmet (except for certain instruments such as tuba—berets are issued). Other required items to complete the uniform include a pair of black socks long enough to totally cover the ankle area and above, black gloves, black marching shoes, and the designated SUTA shirt for underneath the jacket. The extra items (SUTA shirt, shoes, and gloves) will be available for purchase on registration day
  • What if my child is in the Color Guard?
    The color guard has different uniform and clothing requirements. Please check with the directors as to what is needed.
  • How are the uniforms cleaned?
  • Football Games

  • Will the band play at every football game?
  • What time does my student need to arrive for home games at Yellow Jacket Stadium?
    Generally, the band arrives around 6:15 pm for a 7:30 game, and enters at the far west gate across from the shopping center, next to the Band Booster Concession Stand.
  • When do the home football games usually end? Why does the band go to CiCi's Pizza after home games?
    Most home games finish around 10 to 10:30 pm. However, the band will continue the optional tradition of gathering at CiCi's Pizza next door to Yellow Jacket Stadium right after the game to view the half-time marching show on video. For this special event CiCi's remains open and usually charges $5 for all-you-can-eat pizza and a drink. Parents are also invited to attend
  • What about away games?
    Departure and arrival times for away games can vary depending upon the length of travel. Our district is very spread out, and some games may be two hours or more drive time away from Cleburne. Check with the website and/or band directors for specific times.
  • How long is the football season?
    The last regularly scheduled football game is usually the second week of November. There are 10 games (5 at home and 5 on the road) and the possibility of additional play-off games.
  • What is the “Boo Bowl?”
    The "Boo Bowl" is a tradition started about three years ago by former director Rusty Trammell. During the home game prior to Halloween, band members are encouraged to dress up in costume rather than in their normal band uniforms. They then perform their regular show, but with hilarious results! It alone is well worth the game ticket price to see this unusual half-time presentation!!
  • Marching Competitions

  • How do the competitions work? What is their significance?
    The Golden Pride competes against other bands at several contests on several Saturdays in October. In the first round, bands are divided according to size classification, and compete directly against other bands in that class size. They are judged on many factors, including use of color guard on the field, general appearance, choreography, musicality, drum majors, etc. (The GP drum line and GP color guard also participate in additional competitions on contest days.) If the band scores high enough to make the top ten finals, they perform again in the evening for final standing. Trophies are awarded, along with the prestige of an award winning show. These competitions are used by our directors to prepare our band for the U.I.L. contest, held in mid to late October. Every other year, bands can advance to the state contest by placing high in the U.I.L. competition.
  • What if it’s not a “state” year?
    If it is not a state year, the band still participates in contests for the valuable experience and possible awards. During "off" years, a special spring trip is also planned. Some recent locations have included Colorado and a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel. This year's planned trip for April, 2007 is Disney World in Orlando, FL , and a monthly payment plan will be available to help families plan expenses. Parents are also welcome to come on these trips at their own expense. Chaparones are always needed :) (For more information, see "Other Events" FAQ)
  • Can spectators attend the band competitions?
    Most definitely! Booster parents and others are highly encouraged to show up and support the band at these events with as much spirit as possible! They are held at a variety of locations, many in the D/FW area. Be aware that admission is usually charged, and depending upon the organization, the fees can range from $5-10 per person. Bring your loudest cheers for the Golden Pride!
  • Is there a cost for these events? How do I get there?
    All band competitions charge admission fees, ranging from $5-10. The only exception is the U.I.L. area and regional contests. There are also other expenses to consider, such as programs, food, contest patches, DVD/Videos of your band's performance, and other band souvenirs that can be hard to RESIST! Unless you are a designated chaperon on the student buses, the best way to go is by private vehicle (carpooling is a great way to save gas money!) Check the band website for locations, times, and driving directions for specific events.
  • Can I sit with my child between competitions? Can he/she ride home with me?
    All Golden Pride members are required to sit together in a special section of the bleachers while not performing. Parents are welcome to join them in their area. Special permission must be received in advance before your child can separate from the group to ride home with you after the competition.
  • What is Winter Guard?
    The Golden Pride Band Color Guard does not end after marching season. They continue competing all year long in the winter guard season with two groups, "A" guard (more experienced) and "B" guard (more novice experience). They continue to practice long hours, perfecting solo, ensemble, and all-member programs that are then entered in U.I. L. and private competitions locally and even around the country.
  • Fundraising

  • Why does the band really need fundraising? Doesn’t the school provide a budget for the program?
    As with any organization, there are many things that enhance the GP band program which are not provided for within the yearly school budget. Therefore, fundraising is conducted by the Band Booster Club, which directly or indirectly benefits the individual student. This is especially true during a spring trip year, when several hundred dollars per student must be raised for participation. But booster fundraisers also go towards upgrades for our kids, such as charter buses for lengthy rides to competitions, etc. We appreciate your support, and so does the Band!!
  • Why does the band really need fundraising? Doesn’t the school provide a budget for the program?
    As with any organization, there are many things that enhance the GP band program which are not provided for within the yearly school budget. Therefore, fundraising is conducted by the Band Booster Club, which directly or indirectly benefits the individual student. This is especially true during a spring trip year, when several hundred dollars per student must be raised for participation. But booster fundraisers also go towards upgrades for our kids, such as charter buses for lengthy rides to competitions, etc. We appreciate your support, and so does the Band!!
  • How do the concessions work?
    The concession stands are manned by volunteers, mainly parents of band students, for all the varsity, junior varsity, and freshman high school football games, as well as the middle school games. We need many to fully staff our stands during football season, and you can sign up for your shifts during registration or band booster meetings.
  • How do I volunteer?
    Every band parent and booster are highly encouraged to sign up to help at some point with concessions and other fundraising opportunities, such as the Christmas desserts concert and the May Picnic in the Park. Other fundraisers will be made available to you and your student, especially during a trip year. You can sign up during band registration for football concessions (times will vary to fit just about every schedule), sign up during any booster meeting, or check the booster volunteer site frequently to see where help is needed. For further info you can also go to the Booster contact link on this website, and communicate with this year's Fundraising Chair, Donna Lee. Email Donna at moc.edirpnedlogshc@eel.annod and don't worry---a place will be found for EVERY volunteer!!
  • Other Events

  • Does the Golden Pride march in any parades?
    There are two parades the GP band regularly marches in: the homecoming parade, which is on Thursday night, October 5 this year prior to the bonfire at CHS, and the Whistlestop Christmas parade in downtown Cleburne, usually the first Friday night of December. For specific details, consult the website calendars.
  • What is the concert season?
    After marching season is completed in November, attention is then turned to the winter/spring concert season. Each band practices and performs music at the Christmas Dessert fundraiser, and then also at a couple of other concerts in preparation for the U.I.L. spring competition in April. Solo and ensemble competitions in February also are a priority for many of our students.
  • Does CHS still do a spring musical?
    Yes, every other year. There will not be one this spring, 2007, because the band is taking a spring trip. It is optional event, available to band, choir, and other student participants. Recent shows included "George M!", "Pirates of Penzance", and last year's production of "Fiddler on the Roof".
  • Why does the Golden Pride take a bi-annual out of state trip?
    As with any good education program, incentives are offered for a job well done. Our band students work very hard and sacrifice many hours of practice during their school year. Taking them on a trip is an option our band directors choose to reward and motivate the Golden Pride. These occur bi-annually, when the season is an "off" year with the U.I.L. (unlike other U.I.L. events, marching bands only have state competitions every other year). Trips are selected not only for fun, but also for the opportunity to perform concert music in a national venue as economically as possible. Fundraisers are always planned from the beginning of a trip year to help offset the cost. The exciting experiences offered by these trips make the extra financial burden worth it in the long run!