chs Golden Pride Band

Alice Parker



Presides at all of the Membership and Executive Board meetings;
Actively directs the affairs of the organization
Acts as a liaison between the Booster Club and the Directors of Bands
Serves on the Band Banquet Committee
Countersigns checks in the absence of the Secretary or Treasurer

Shawna Foree

1st Vice-President/Fundraising


Performs all the duties and have the powers of the President in his/her absence; i.e. conducting the monthly Booster meetings
Serves as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and as such will be responsible for arranging, with the approval of the Executive Board, all fundraising activities (with the exception of the Concession Stands) undertaken by the Band Boosters for the purpose of meeting the organization's budget
Serves as the Chair of the Long Range Planning committee

Carl Blake

2nd Vice-President/Concessions


Acts in the absence of the President and the 1st Vice President (conducts meetings if necessary)
Serves as the Concession Stand Committee Chair
Supervises all other organizational activities which require food concessions.
Recommends to the Executive Board for approval the name of Concession Coordinators and Stand Managers

Janice Sullivan



Records the minutes of all the meetings of the general membership and the Executive Board
Prepares a permanent record of all minutes including the monthly Treasurer's Report for delivery to the Parliamentarian and Commmunication's Chair on a monthly basis for archive purposes
Serves on the Newsletter committee
Coordinates Booster mailings for Executive Board meetings, thank you notes for donations, and all other official communication of the Organization