chs Golden Pride Band

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for 10/05/2015

Band Booster Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2015. 9 members present.

The Executive meeting was called to order at 1740 by Janice Sullivan.

A motion was made by Amber Ritz to approve the minutes from August 2015 meeting and 2nd by Roxanne Stouffer.

Treasurer's Report – no report but bank balances: Activity $-2855.42, General $9733.03, London $34886.05

Fundraising –Please see attached fundraising report. The end zone fundraiser from the previous year was not profitable so, the decision was made to not have the end zone raffle this year. A motion was made by Roxanne Stouffer and 2nd by Rachel Dosch to sell pink breast cancer awareness band shirts as an October fundraiser. The motion passes unanimously. A motion was made by Vickie Kohl to sell mums and garters prior to homecoming as a fundraiser Carla Fenn 2nd. Motion passed with unanimous vote. A fundraiser regarding quotes from Mark Jameson Allstate was table.

High School Directors Report –no report

Middle School Directors Report –no report

New Business -

Meeting was adjourned at 1828.
Respectfully submitted
Vickie Kohl